July 19, 2024

Cliff Hillestad

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Augmented Reality: How To Make Augmented Reality Work For You

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Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that combines the real world with computer-generated images and sounds. It’s also known as mixed reality, because it mixes together aspects of your physical environment with virtual elements. Augmented reality can be used in a number of different ways, including business presentations, gaming and entertainment, educational experiences, and more.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that overlays digital information on the real world. It can be used to improve customer experiences, employee experiences and even marketing.

AR has been around since the early 2000s, but it’s only recently become more widely adopted thanks to advancements in hardware and software technologies such as smartphones with built-in cameras or tablets that have powerful processors.

The potential applications for AR are vast: you could use it at home by viewing your favorite TV show characters walking around your living room; at work by seeing how different furniture would look before buying it; or even while shopping at a store where products appear right in front of you!

Basic Augmented Reality Concepts and Terminology

Augmented reality is a technology that uses a device’s camera to overlay digital information on top of the real world. The most common example is Pokémon GO, but there are many other examples as well.

The marker is an image or pattern that marks the location where you want your augmented reality to appear. It can be anything: a QR code, barcode, or even just an ordinary picture printed out on paper (though this isn’t recommended). The term “marker” refers specifically to these types of objects because they’re used in Augmented Reality systems as placeholders for objects that will be added later through computer graphics processing software such as Unity 3D or Unreal Engine 4

Using Augmented Reality to Improve Your Business

Augmented reality can be used in a variety of ways to improve your business and the way that you interact with customers.

  • To enhance customer experience: Using AR can help customers visualize their new home or car, allowing them to make more informed decisions about what they’re buying. This will also enable them to get a better feel for how things look in person before they purchase something, which can help reduce returns later on down the line (and save money).
  • To improve employee training: Augmented reality has been used by companies like Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse as part of their employee training program so that employees know exactly where everything is located within each store location–no more searching through bins! This saves time for both employees and customers alike since it eliminates wasted trips back-and-forth between departments looking for items that may have been misplaced during stocking runs earlier in the day.”

Practical Considerations and Limitations of Augmented Reality

As you’re planning out your augmented reality app, there are a few practical considerations to keep in mind.

  • Make sure that it’s accessible to people with disabilities: If you’re creating an application for users with visual or hearing impairments, make sure it’s compatible with their devices and the software they use on a regular basis. For example, if you’re making an app for blind people who use screen readers (software that reads text aloud), then be sure to include alternative ways for them to interact with elements in your interface–and test those methods thoroughly!
  • Don’t assume everyone has the same device: Different devices have different capabilities when it comes to processing power and graphics cards; this means that some apps may run smoothly on one device but crash when opened up on another type of gadget. It also means there will always be differences between how well certain features work across different platforms–so try not get too frustrated if something doesn’t work exactly as planned!

This article will help you start using augmented reality in your business.

Augmented reality is a technology that allows you to bring digital content into your real world. This can be useful for a wide range of businesses, from retailers and restaurants to service providers like doctors or dentists.

Augmented reality will let you show off your products in ways that were not possible before, providing an immersive experience for customers who would otherwise not be able to see them in person or try them on. Augmented reality can also help engage with customers who aren’t physically there by letting them see what the product looks like before buying something or booking an appointment.

At its core, augmented reality allows users to interact with virtual objects by overlaying computer-generated images onto their environment (a process called “augmenting”). For example: if someone has an iPhone camera app installed on their phone which uses AR technology then they could point it at any object around him/herself; once pointed towards something interesting enough (like maybe even another person), said user would see some kind of overlay appear overtop said object(s). This could include anything from simple text messages like “Happy Birthday!” typed out across someone’s face while they blow out candles during his/her birthday party – all way up until complex animations such as flying dragons circling overhead during presentations at conferences where speakers talk about how great their company’s latest product line is!


This article has shown you some of the ways that augmented reality can be used to improve your business. It’s easy to get started, so don’t delay! If you have any questions or comments about this topic, please leave them below.